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—  T H A N K S G I V I N G   M E A L   P L A N N E R  —
Want to avoid unnecessary stress this Thanksgiving so you can focus on being grateful?
I always love the happy atmosphere that forms when I get together with my family for Thanksgiving, especially with great food and fun games. 

There is so much to be grateful for!

However, I know that there is a lot of work that goes into big events like Thanksgiving.  Because of this, I decided to create this Thanksgiving Meal Planner, which takes all the stress and hassle out of the otherwise chaotic Thanksgiving preparations. 

I'm super excited to be able to share it! I have found that when you approach Thanksgiving in an organized way and break it down into manageable steps, it makes the whole process fun and enjoyable!
What is included in my Thanksgiving Meal Planner?
November Calendar - Record all your big “to do” items on this so you can see at a glance what your month is going to look like and can plan ahead for what is coming! The calendar does not have dates so you can download and use it every year. We included a very simple plain calendar and a prettier version.

Guest List - Keep track of each guest’s name, invitation sent, RSVP received and number in the party attending. There is also a section for the final guest count of both adults and children.

Menu - This page has sections from appetizers to dessert for each course of your dinner. Use
this to plan and reference all the items you will be serving so nothing gets left off the list like
your Grandmother’s favorite casserole dish!

Guest Special Diet/Allergy Information - Use this page to record any special information you need to remember for each specific guest that will be attending. There is a section for any diet or allergy restrictions and substitutions.

Guest Travel/Lodging Information - There is also a section for special contact and travel
information for out-of- town and overnight guests so it is all in one convenient location if things get a little hectic.

Potluck List - Use this page to keep track of which guest is bringing each dish. There is a
section for each type of menu item so you can quickly assess where you may have an
overabundance or need to supplement.

Recipe List - Use this page to list all the recipes you will be using for Thanksgiving. There is
also a section to note the source for each recipe so you can find them quickly when starting to
cook. You can even print out or gather all the recipes beforehand and keep a copy of them right in this planner.

Serving Dishes - Use this page to assign an appropriate serving dish{es} for each menu item. There is also a section for the serving utensils to be used. Knowing which serving dish matches each menu item ahead of time eliminates the last minute rush of looking for dishes. You may also realize you might need to pick up (or borrow) another serving item or two.
Tablescape - Use this page to plan your tablescape. There are sections for noting your theme, color scheme, linens, centerpieces and candles that you will be using. There is also a helpful section to sketch your ideas if that is helpful for you to visualize it.

Seating - Use this page to plan out the tables and chairs you will be using. Note the shape and dimensions of each table, number of seats per table, and if you need booster seats/highchairs. There is also a notes section, an area to sketch your layout and for quick reference - a final chair and table totals section.

Invitation - We have included an easy to print Thanksgiving Dinner invitation if you would like to formally send an invite to your guests.

Place Settings - Use this page to plan out the place settings and arrangement for each table.
Tally up the dinnerware, glassware and cutlery that you will need. There is a section to sketch
the layout, and also sections for the number of guests at the table and the table description.

Turkey Timeline - This page will help you to calculate all the factors for cooking the most perfect turkey possible.

To Do Timeline - Use these two pages to track all your to-do items up until the big day!

To Do List - This page is a line by line to-do list. Remember to check off each item as you
complete it. Print it as many times as needed if you want to make a few different lists to tackle
all you have to do.

Notes - A general lined page for jotting down notes. Print as many times as you need for all your preparations.

Shopping List - Use these two pages to write up your master shopping list. The pages are divided into grocery sections to make the whole experience easier so you don’t forget an important butter! ;)

Follow Up Notes for Next Year - Use this page to record the whole planning/serving experience. What do you want to repeat next time, what do you want to improve upon, what didn’t work and what are some new ideas to try?
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